Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here is a recipe someone gave in my homesteading group. Thought I would share. I'm wanting to try this. It is called experimenatal because it does one bar.
Susan Cavitch and her book, The Natural Soap Companion, EXPERIMENTAL SOAP BAR RECIPE: (one bar) - 16.8 grams lye (sodium hyrdoxide), 45.4 grams distilled water, 42.2 grams olive oil, 36.2 grams coconut oil, 42.2 grams palm oil.
Feel free to change as needed, for example, I use goats milk in place of the water... Oh, and use higher temps - 120F - for fats and lye as this small amount doesn't hold the heat very well. And this is a 10% lye discount recipe (meaning there is 10% less lye than it takes to completely saponify the fats). If you change the fats, you may need to adjust the amount of lye. I use the magic mountain soap site lye calculator. Disclaimer- I have not tried this recipe so I don't know how it will turn out. Rebekah

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